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People who stop {online} marketing to save money are people who stop their clock to save time.

Hi! I'm Noortje and I help companies to reach a higher { online } marketing level by working on their:

{ Online Marketing }

  • Marketing strategy in order to grow the digital channels
  • Deciding how to drive the correct traffic via Google Adwords, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Remarketing
  • Making sure every invested euro has the maximum return
  • Direct marketing – up-sell / cross-sell / loyalty
  • Creating the right traffic in order to create a higher turnover

{ E-commerce }

  • Optimizing visitor rates, conversion rates, User Experience, bouncerates
  • Project management launching new websites (several times)
  • AB testing
  • Online merchandising
  • Updating website and services via different CMS systems
  • Projectmanagement
  • Developing new websites

{ Events }

  • Branding through Eventmarketing
  • Projectmanagement
  • Working with different partners
  • Organized different big events
  • PR & Production
  • Blogger events

{ Communication Strategy }

  • Helping brands with their (new) onsite communication and content coordination
  • After receiving the company’s marketing vision translate this into a (digital) action plan with the right partners, campaigns and other traffic plans
  • Online content

{ Campaign Management }

  • Developing an innovative way of digital marketing by launching campaigns that are different and suit the lifestyle of a brand
  • Online marketing plan
  • Analyze campaigns in order to improve all the time
  • With different online campaign tools

{ Web Analytics }

  • Analyzing results of websites and online marketing tools, social media, inside results, loading times, funnels and keywords
  • Analyze daily what the upbringing is via Google Analytics and CMS systems
  • Worked with different backends (Prestashop / Spree / Tabletop / WordPress / Factif)
  • Hotjar
  • Omniture
  • Crazy egg

{ Email Marketing }

  • Set up different email marketing campaigns and deciding which content will be the best to increase ROI driven traffic
  • Optimize CTR and CTO
  • Growing the database
  • Worked with different systems (Emark/Mailchimp/Mailplus)

{ Social Media Marketing }

  • Management on growing and inspiring the social media fans and creates conversion
  • Social Media Strategy and content planning
  • Social Media advertising (both Instagram and Facebook)

Personal Skills

Digital native
ROI Driven
Open minded
Fast paced


New business
Noortje Geerts