Hi! I’m Noortje and I help companies to reach a higher { online } marketing level by working on their:

{ Online Marketing }

Marketing strategy in order to grow the digital channels

Deciding how to drive the correct traffic via Google Adwords, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Remarketing

Making sure every invested euro has the maximum return

Direct marketing – up-sell / cross-sell / loyalty

Creating the right traffic in order to create a higher turnover

{ E-commerce }

Optimizing visitor rates, conversion rates, User Experience, bouncerates

Project management launching new websites (several times)

AB testing

Online merchandising

Updating website and services via different CMS systems


Developing new websites

{ Events }

Branding through Eventmarketing


Working with different partners

Organized different big events

PR & Production

Blogger events

{ Communication Strategy }

Helping brands with their (new) onsite communication and content coordination

After receiving the company’s marketing vision translate this into a (digital) action plan with the right partners, campaigns and other traffic plans

Online content

{ Campaign Management }

Developing an innovative way of digital marketing by launching campaigns that are different and suit the lifestyle of a brand

Online marketing plan

Analyze campaigns in order to improve all the time

With different online campaign tools

{ Web Analytics }

Analyzing results of websites and online marketing tools, social media, inside results, loading times, funnels and keywords

Analyze daily what the upbringing is via Google Analytics and CMS systems

Worked with different backends (Prestashop / Spree / Tabletop / WordPress / Factif)



Grazy egg

{ Email Marketing }

Set up different email marketing campaigns and deciding which content will be the best to increase ROI driven traffic

Optimize CTR and CTO

Growing the database

Worked with different systems (Emark/Mailchimp/Mailplus)

{ Social Media Marketing }

Management on growing and inspiring the social media fans and creates conversion

Social Media Strategy and content planning

Social Media advertising (both Instagram and Facebook)

Personal Skills

Digital native
ROI Driven
Open minded
Fast paced



New business
Noortje Geerts
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